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Where maximum precision in irrigation and fertilizer dosing is required our fertigation equipment is an essential tool for your crop.

Automatic adjustment of irrigation frequency and dosing using the weight drain tray

Irrigation mode that adjusts perfectly with the daily changes in irrigation requirements, with reference to solar radiation and the percentage of water measured in our weigh tdrain tray.

Furthermore, it can be combined with other special devices like humidity sensors or substrate EC, etc.

Maximum precision in fertilizer dosing by FFC (Fertilizer Flow Control)

With the Automatic Dosing Adjustment System through fertilizer flow meters, which monitors the performance of fertilizer injectors and ensures accuracy in the proportions specified for each fertilizer tank. Forget the traditional 50% A+50% B, now you can be sure to set flexible proportions between all tanks. 

Multiple methods of nutrient solutions recycling

We offer you different methods for recycling of drained water, so you can choose the one that best suits your circumstances and needs, ensuring complete reuse of water and fertilizer.

Collaboration with research centres for the development of applications to improve irrigation management in hydroponics

The results applied to our equipment with exclusive control methods to facilitate the management of irrigation and fertilization of crops.



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