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National Sales

Our fertigation systems allow you to manage the irrigation and fertilization of your vegetable crops in soil with maximum efficiency, saving water and fertilizer by using high frequency irrigation programs.

Dosing in proportion to irrigation flow and pH control

Dosing in proportion to irrigation flow achieves precision and efficiency in the supply of fertilizers. Also, pH control allows the application of irrigation water with ideal pH for the assimilation of nutrients.

Irrigation management with ETo in real time.

Possibility to connect a weather station and have ETo value in real time, essential for irrigation management.

Radio controlled solenoids. 

Radio controlled solenoids will avoid problems created by broken cables and microtubes which often occur in work with machinery and at a very competitive cost, especially for medium sized or larger installations.

Connectivity between head centres and central management.

When there are several head centres you can connect them into one the network and remotely manage their operation.

Collaboration with research centres for the development of automatic irrigation management models.

Results that we apply to our equipment with exclusive control methods that enable the management of crop irrigation and fertilization.

Personalized irrigation and consumption reports.

With our equipment you will meet the requirements of the demanding quality regulations while simultaneously improving performance, quality and as a result, profitability of your crops.

Control your facility from anywhere and obtain personalized reports, exportable in other formats (Excel) for the management and calculation of costs.

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