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Pioneers in introducing fertigation systems adapted for golf courses, we integrate our equipment in the irrigation network to precisely control the pH and dose fertilizer in proportion to the flow of irrigation.

Therefore, we have developed equipment specially adapted for golf courses, our CAF GOLF, that will meet all your needs.

Experience with excellent results, more visible when the the water quality is worse. We have implemented our system in more than 30 golf courses.

With our CAF GOLF fertigation equipment you will have:

  • Optimised Nutrition of the green at all the time.
  • Increased quality improving colour, density, uniformity, strength and ability to regenerate.
  • More efficient use of fertilizers.
  • We avoid phytotoxicity problems, pollution of aquifers and leaching losses, demotion and volatilization.   
  • Savings in labour.
  • Making "a la carte" nutrient solutions.
  • Solution of specific problems.
  • Alternatives in the use of various types of fertilizer.
  • Ability to provide micronutrients with the irrigation solution.

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