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Dosing in proportion to flow combined with the automatic adjustment of fertilizer flow meters provides maximum dosing precision.

This is a function developed exclusively in our equipment in order to ensure maximum efficiency in the application of fertilizer.

In addition to pH control it will improve nutrient assimilation and prevent clogging problems in drip and irrigation pipes.

Integration of soil moisture probes for automatic irrigation control

Automatic irrigation control through soil moisture probes optimizes water consumption by improving the profitability of your crop.

Irrigation management with ETo (Evapotranspiration) in real time

Possibility to connect a weather station and have ETo value in real time, essential for irrigation management.

Radio controlled solenoids

Radio controlled solenoids will avoid problems caused by broken cables and micro tubes which often occur on field when using machinery. In addition, this has a very competitive cost, especially for larger areas.

Thousands of solenoids installed in the last 10 years prove the System reliability. 

Personalized irrigation and consumption reports.

Manage your field from anywhere and receive personalized reports on irrigation, consumption, alarms, etc. with our application SYSINTA.


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