Contacte con INTA (us)

Cp: 30880, Águilas Murcia, SPAIN·

Tel: +34 968 493 116 
Fax: +34 968 448 485

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National Sales

INTA proposes technological solutions that optimize performance and quality of crops.

Design and installation of fertigation systems adapted to your crops

We offer the agronomic solution that best fits your crops and circumstances, designing the irrigation system and all its components for you to manage your crops in the most efficient way possible.

Climate control systems for greenhouses at any latitude

Our climate control systems are tailored to the needs of any greenhouse, depending on the crop and location. Ornamental or horticultural crops in subtropical or northern climates. We can always provide the design and options that best meet your needs.

Broad vision with practical solutions

In short, our experience allows us to offer the most practical and effective alternatives in the management of your crops, both outdoors and in greenhouses. It is not providing equipment and accessories, but practical and reliable solutions to obtain the best results. We can show practical examples of properties with tangible results and satisfied customers.


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