• The fertigation equipment designed to meet the needs of the most complex and demanding operations, is professionally designed, which takes into account aesthetics, functionality and robustness.

    Accurate and reliable dosing. Equipment based on magnetic pumps with three-way valves and mixing tank, with the possibility of incorporating fertilizer flow-meters that allow you to measure consumption and automatically adjust the dosage of each fertilizer.

    A hydraulic design proven over more than 25 years of experience which guarantees maximum reliability and precision for fertilizer dosing.

    Flexibility to adapt to any installation or crop. The CDN meets the needs of the simplest projects as well as the more complex and demanding ones.

    Easy programming. Through a well-structured and intuitive menu.

    EVO, the most advanced fertigation management system. With our EVO programmer not only you can control valves and fertilizers. The EVO provides you with a very powerful irrigation and fertilization management system allowing you to manage irrigation based on environmental parameters and other devices.

    SYSINTA,  connectivity and management from anywhere. Via Internet and our SYSINTA application you can control your crop using TABLET, MOBILE or PC. 

  • A compact, reliable, simple and  accurate equipment. Incorporates our fertilizer dosing system based on the magnetic dosing pumps that guarantees a superior level of uniformity comparing to conventional systems and is manufactured in a stainless steel frame with only high quality elements.

    CDN controls up to:

    • 2 pH sensors
    • 3 EC sensors
    • 7 fertilizer dosing pumps
    • 1 acid dosing pump
    • 3 main pumps
    • 320 valves
    • 8 recirculation tanks
    • 10 groups


    • Irrigation according to  time, volume or control signal
    • Volume record
    • Fertilizer dosing controlled by EC , by relative EC, by proportion to main flow and by time
    • Control of mixing different EC irrigation water 
    • EC compensation by solar radiation
    • Periodical EC adjustment with 4 different periods
    • pH control
    • pH control during Pre-irrigation and rinse
    • Manual valve irrigation
    • Pre-irrigation and rinse 
    • Drainage control
    • Volume control
    • Start by analogue signal
    • Start by external signal
    • Start by intervals
    • Start by time
    • Start by solar radiation
    • Frost protection


    • Absolute EC and pH
    • Safety EC and pH
    • Flow



  • Download details of our CDN fertigation system. Consult technical specifications. Open file as pdf.

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