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  • The wireless control of irrigation valves and other devices is the most practical and effective for any installation, preventing the usage of cables or micro tubes, which after a short time are often damaged for various reasons.

    A simple, robust and reliable system. Composed of a central station connected to irrigation equipment which controls different receivers in the field located next to the irrigation valves.

    Receivers are small devices, perfectly protected for outdoor use, getting unseen once installed in the field, not requiring an aerial and are powered by lithium battery that lasts more than 2 years. Each receiver can control 2 to 4 solenoids, depending on the distance between valves. Reaches distances up to 2,500m always when there is visual contact.

    Adaptable to any irrigation controller. The system can be connected to any irrigation programmer, 16  inputs expansion cards which are connected to the irrigation controller outputs. Up to 112 solenoids can be controlled from one or more controllers.

    Reduce the cost and improve the irrigation control. Even tough this system has many advantages comparing with traditional cables and micropipes, its cost is lower in medium and big installations where the distances are long. Starting from 30Ha installations its cost is more competitive and is getting even more competitive when the area is getting bigger. Furthermore, due to its high reliability and speed of reaction, it improves irrigation management of any project

  • Our radio valve system will help to increase your comfort and the performance of your crop. Its features are:.

    • Power supply voltage: 3,6 V
    • Energy consumption:1 mA in standby mode  
    • Radio technology: FM locator with digital protocol
    • Frequency range:430-470 mHz
    • Frequency separation:12,5 kHz
    • Maximum number of outputs per receiver:2-4
  • Download details of our radio valve System that you can add to your Inta fertigation equipment. Consult technical specifications. Open file as pdf.



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