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National Sales

Choose the best fertigation equipment for your crop from the INTA range of equipment.

With a professional and compact design, our CDN mixer is joined by the new version CDN evo with much greater capacity and with a big screen to enhance your management without limitations for the devices you want to connect. And of course, with internet connectivity you can work with CDN evo from anywhere.

New design. More practical and functional. Available in two versions: the one with mixing tank and magnetic pumps and the version with a circular Venturi.

Our systems

To dispense water and fertilizer with the precision and efficiency required for any crop that is intended to achieve maximum output in production and quality one must begin with a complete well-designed and installed system.

Meet more of our equipments and applications  AllmixCDNEconomixEvo y SysInta. 3 hydraulic structures and  2 different fertigation controllers can be combined according to your needs. You can also add specific devices, which will certainly improve the performance of your installation.

Multiple devices integrated in our fertigation systems

Looking to optimize the supply of water and fertilizer on any crop we have integrated devices such as soil moisture probes that allow us to automatically manage irrigation of citrus, vineyards, olive trees and fruit trees. Combining radio controlled valves to prevent kilometres of wiring and the related problems. We can also incorporate a weather station to monitor weather parameters and to plan the irrigation through ETo (reference evapotranspiration) New on the market!

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