• The EVO controller developed by INTA is the most powerful tool for controlling irrigation and fertilizing and when combined with SYSINTA application becomes the most complete and effective fertigation management system.

    Robust electronics with maximum reliability. This equipment has used all the experience gained over 25 years, looking for maximum capacity and reliability in addition to the ability to connect all kinds of devices and of course the internet connection.

    Flexibility to adapt to any installation or crop. You may incorporate expansion valve boards, probes and devices of any kind, including a weather station, which allows you to manage irrigation via environmental parameters.

    EVO, the most advanced fertigation management system. It has fertigation methods specially developed for each crop, hydroponic, ornamental, citrus and fruit. It is the essential tool to manage any crop. In addition, new versions are constantly generated that meet your requirements and can be updated on your computer at any time.

    SYSINTA, connectivity and management from anywhere. It is the ideal and essential complement that together with EVO will allow you to get the most out of your fertigation system.

    Keep track of your plant on your TABLET, MOBILE or PC via the internet with our SYSINTA application.


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