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At INTA we have over 25 years experience developing and installing advanced systems for fertirrigation control for all types of crops as well as climate control for greenhouses. This means that we can always offer the most reasonable and suitable solution for your crops.

We have implemented design and construction projects for irrigation head centres and climate control for greenhouses in over 30 countries, adapting to the crop requirements and the needs of those responsible for their management. This ability to change and respond is one of the basic principles in the operation of our company.

We aim to provide a direct and efficient service. We will always provide the necessary support at any time and at any location. Our basic objective is the success of our clients and that is what we are proud of.

Our team

Multi-skilled and made up of specialists in electronics, telecommunications, computers and agriculture. Our aim is to offer systems that represent a reasonable and efficient solution for the fertigation of your crops and climate control for your greenhouses.

Our offer is based on experience and innovation

As a result of the close collaboration maintained with research centres, specialist technicians and the most innovative farmers, we have developed our range of equipment which continues to develop and adapt to the requirements of your crops. In such a competitive market, our commitment is to help achieve levels of productivity and quality that enable the highest competitiveness.

Global presence

Robust and reliable equipment that can be installed anywhere in the world and adapted to any crop, with versions in 13 languages and a presence in 31 countries. Languages available for equipment:



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