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  • Intelligent, reliable greenhouse climate control adaptable to your requirements.

    The CDC climate control system meets the needs of the simplest installations as well as the more complex and demanding. It is able to control and coordinate all devices in your greenhouses to provide the desired environmental conditions  at all times and optimize the performance and quality of your crops.

    Professional design and easy handling. Our equipment is professionally designed and takes into account details such as  aesthetics, functionality and robustness. In addition, handling is easy thanks to its well-structured and intuitive menu.

    Flexibility to adapt to any installation or crop. The CDC system is configured according to the requirements of each client and may add special features such as artificial light, CO2, fans and boiler control to the standard configuration...In addition, each unit can control up to 8 independent greenhouses and can connect with each other forming a network that can be managed from a central PC with our SYSCLIMA application.

    Robustness and reliability. At INTA we use the highest quality components, so all our equipment stands out as being robust and reliable. In addition, the CDC system features a powerful alarm system that monitors the greenhouse status at all times. It has different alarms for temperature, humidity, CO2 level, heating failure, sensor failure, power supply failure, failure of weather station etc. These alarms can be sent via SMS or e-mail to keep you informedat all times.

    Easy installationat at very competitive cost. The design of our climate controllers allows quick and easy installation and a maximum reduction in the cost of wiring, with all boards communicating via one data-cable, sharing information and resources.



  • The CDC has the following climate functions:


    • Heating
    • Ventilation: 2 top  and 4 lateral
    • High humidity
    • Fogging
    • Shade and Thermal screens

    Special functions

    • Auxiliary heating network
    • Soil  heating
    • Fans/Heaters
    • Irrigation
    • CO2
    • Artificial light
    • Inflation
    • Heating Transport control
    • Boiler control


    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • CO2 level
    • Heating failure
    • Sensors
    • Power failure
    • Weather station failure
  • Download details of our CDC climate control system. Consult technical specifications. Open file as pdf.


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